Tango Argentine (english)

I offer introductions, coaching, training for individuals, couples or groups (German/English).

Contents include basic technique, body awareness, embrace/connection, musicality using the example of movement sequences suitable for social dancing.

I am also happy to integrate individual movement elements or interaction exercises into workshops if you are interested. For example, tango offers the physical experience of leading and following. Even in the diversity of tango, which is in constant development, there are leadership models that depend on the context and „Zeitgeist“. Tango is suitable as a paradigm due to its improvised character, which requires a good understanding of the partner and the connection.

After 13 years of personal practice, I see tango as a form of active meditation that contributes to better self-awareness and satisfaction over the years. Concerning effectiveness for mental health e.g. there is scientific evidence for depression, Parkinson’s disease or dementia prophylaxis, and tango has advantages over purely meditative mindfulness-based methods (for depression).

Tango is a perfect wellness activity, everything that has been found to be good for lifelong health comes together here: mindfulness, movement, social interaction, physical contact. And: Tango motivates you to drink less alcohol; nowhere else can you feel the influence of alcohol on your coordination skills so much: Don’t Drink and Dance.

For groups or teams, as part of leadership training (or workshops designed according to individual wishes), I offer exercises and simple step sequences to experience physical interaction as pardadigm for psychological interaction. Almost all of life’s challenges can be reflected in the microcosm of tango. This requires the willingness to have physical contact in an open embrace, regardless of the gender of the dance partner.