Tangocoaching (english)

Musicality – Dancing to the music – Group-Lesson

Dancing to music can be done purely intuitively, but a little knowledge of perceptible elements, a few rules and a conscious focus will take you to the next level.

That’s why we listen to a tango in each lesson and analyze the structure based on the phrases, from which we pick out two. We analyze the prominent elements such as rhythmic base, melodic bridge, melody or countermelody. We listen to these excerpts repeatedly in order to develop possibilities for interpretation. Basic technique and movement sequences for social dancing, depending on the participants‘ skills, are taken into account.

For each lesson, a more well-known piece is selected that is likely to be heard at the next milonga.

Tango group and individual lessons

Depending on the skills of the participants, we work on movement sequences for social dancing on the milonga, i.e. primarily circular structures. Basic techniques for posture, walking and embrace and connection as well as aspects of musicality are incorporated.

The fee for individual lessons / private lessons of 60 minutes is 65 euros, everything else would have to be agreed depending on the context, as would group lessons.